The much-anticipated annual leaderboard

Like every year at the same time, the tension builds. Ubiqus keeps a close eye on its inbox in anticipation of the leaderboard of global translation companies by CSA (Common Sense Advisory, an independent American organisation).
The question is always the same: have we moved up the rankings?

Ubiqus entre dans le TOP20 des agences de traduction mondiales

Ubiqus enters the Top 20

Once again, this year – like every previous year – the Ubiqus Group has made progress! Better still, the Ubiqus Group is now in the Top 20 worldwide. This is a first for our Group , which was created almost thirty years ago. This is a climb of one single place (yes, we almost made it last year), but it makes all the difference.

It should be mentioned that in 2014 the Group was ranked 37th. Up 17 places in just 4 years! This is a phenomenal breakthrough.

Organic and external growth

The Ubiqus Group is now one of the top 20 language services companies. This is a sign of the Group’s good health and that our clients trust us in the long term. As a result, the turnover of the Group, which now operates in 8 countries, has increased. This reflects organic growth achieved through the winning of new contracts and external growth thanks to the successful incorporation of recent acquisitions into the Group.

Indeed, 2017 was marked by the acquisition of Celer Soluciones. This company is a well-established Spanish agency in the field of life sciences translation. Celer Soluciones has merged with our long-standing partner in Spain, Traducciones Políglota. Together, they form a multilingual, multi-expertise hub in Madrid.

Ubiqus, onwards and upwards

At Ubiqus, our ambition has not changed: to constantly reach new heights!
While also retaining our company ethos of quality and client focus.

Our ambition is also reflected in significant investments in new technologies used in our two core businesses: transcription and translation.
For example, our R&D team is now making huge progress in artificial intelligence (AI). This in-house technology is now used for automatic speech recognition and automatic transcription (read this post about the publication of the Ted-Lium3 Corpus).

The Group’s latest innovations are already on Ubiqus IO

For a few days, Ubiqus IO has been offering its clients a first chance to use this AI system, which was developed in-house: Revised Automatic Transcription.
This new service allows our clients to benefit from our twin areas of expertise:

  • Technological: the use of automated transcription makes it possible to obtain a rough draft quickly
  • Professional: one of our trained editors takes over and carries out an exhaustive revision of the machine output.

The aim is always to provide our customers with a perfect document of superior quality that is ready to use.

Want to learn more & get an idea of costs:

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