Gedev joins Ubiqus Group

Ubiqus Group, the parent company of Ubiqus IO Ireland, has just announced the acquisition of French translation agency Gedev.

This new acquisition complements Ubiqus’ sector-specific translation offer.

A player already firmly established on the translation market, Ubiqus had thus far distinguished itself in the fields of marketing and communication, law, finance and the medical sector.

Founded in 1972, Gedev is a highly renowned translation agency in France. At the time of the acquisition, it belonged to ORTEC/Sonovision Group.  Gedev boasts advanced technical translation skills and recognised expertise with its many and prestigious clients in the aerospace and defence sector.
These skills therefore enrich the Group’s areas of translation specialisation.

Without a doubt, this additional expertise will also benefit Ubiqus IO in the short term.

By philosophy, the Group wishes to pool the most resources possible. Consequently, it is likely that some of Gedev’s loyal translators will be called upon to work on the technical translation projects which Ubiqus IO clients submit to us.

Dear customers, feel free to contact us with your questions: contact us!

Acquisitions picking up the pace

With the acquisition of Gedev, the Group is concluding 2018 on a high note.
This operation comes on the heels of two international acquisitions over the last 18 months:

  • At the end of 2017, Ubiqus Spain  was born of a merger between Poliglota, acquired 100% and Celer Soluciones, purchased in the summer;
  • earlier in 2018, the Group enhanced its presence in Canada by acquiring the translation company, Textualis.

Always very active on the external growth front, Ubiqus Group is showing its financial robustness and ambition to remain among the Top 20* global translation companies.
And possibly even move up in 2019!

* According to the 2018 Common Sense Advisory yearly survey.

R&D, a central component in Ubiqus Group’s economic development

The foundation: Deep Learning

To move up the rankings of the world’s leading translation agencies, Ubiqus Group has turned its attention to Deep Learning and neural machine learning. We started when these technologies became reality two to three years ago. And, today, we are making spectacular progress in this area!

With Ubiqus IO, our customers can already benefit from an initial illustration of our know-how in the field of artificial intelligence.

Application 1: Automatic Transcription

Ubiqus IO’s Revised Automatic Transcription offer is the first application.

In this service offering, we use our in-house automatic transcription software on professional quality recordings.

Then, our team of professional copy editors fully reviews the document, listening to the audio. By doing so, they are able to correct any inaccuracies, imperfections, mistakes and errors in machine transcription. Here too, the purpose is to provide our clients with a perfect written document, to which no changes are required.

Application 2: Automatic Translation

In Ubiqus IO’s other preferred area, translation, we will soon be fully up to speed.

To wit, in Q1 2019, Ubiqus IO will offer its customers an automatic translation service, without proofreading, for a modest fee.

This service will be of interest to customers who need a quick translation, for general comprehension purposes, in other words, without the need for perfection, but still sufficiently precise and specialised that no mistakes are made. This type of translation, now commonly known as FIPO (For Information Purposes Only) is very common among our lawyer, jurist or financial clients.

But why pay for a service that is free at GoogleTranslate?
Quite simply: To benefit from our specialised translation engines, which our R&D department is training every day to be more pinpointed in each of our fields of expertise: finance, legal, medical, marketing and, very soon, thanks to the acquisition of Gedev, aeronautics and defence…

Google does not invest to specialise its translation engine in sectors that are overly technical. Ubiqus Group, meanwhile, is doing precisely that!

If you are interested in this automatic document translation service FIPO (for information purposes only), sign up by filling out the form below.
We will inform you as soon this service becomes available.

Read the press release

about the Gedev acquisition at Ubiqus France’s website:
Gedev rejoint le Groupe Ubiqus

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