Are you a polyglot?

Yet have neither the time nor the desire to tackle that translation on your own?

service for polyglots... and othersUbiqus IO is the solution for professionals looking to get their translation started when they want.
Ubiqus IO combines a file upload system with an instant quote engine, and offers both 24/7.
The prices and details are clearly displayed upon confirmation of the client’s shopping basket.

Your final documents are delivered to your online client account, as soon as the announced timeframe is up. Most polyglot clients opt for the basic translation option described here giving the translation a final eye-over themselves.

However, regardless of the mode chosen, the document will be given the same degree of attention by the linguist and the in-house team, who will ensure the source document and final outcome are in all ways consistent.

If you are interested in receiving an automatic translation and the opportunity to pay less, provided you give a bit of your time to post-editing, read the final paragraph.

Are you not a polyglot?

Choose between a basic or proofread translation, depending on your defining circumstances.

If you are not proficient in the target language, the question becomes moot. You will need to call upon a translation professional. That being established, your next steps will depend on the type of document to be translated. Ubiqus IO offers you two options:

The basic option

For the simplest documents, for in-house use, the basic option is the most frequently-chosen.
A professional translator will translate your document personally, before subjecting it to a thorough and critical proofread. Before delivering it to your client account, our in-house team will also check both content and format for consistency, viewing both the source and the target document.

Translation & Proofreading

For more complex, strategic documents that are meant to be published or serve as vehicles for your organisation’s image, our translation offer with a proofreading supplement will give you added quality assurance.
A second translation professional will review the document in its entirety, suggesting modifications and improvements to the first linguist accordingly. The text will then be subjected to the meticulous scrutiny of our In-House Quality Team, to guarantee consistency in content and format.

Ubiqus IO offers a selection including all the most in-demand languages in Europe

Languages provided by Ubiqus IOTen languages, give or take. From or into English… Or French. Or Spanish.

With a hassle-free online service from start to finish, one capable of consistently meeting your needs, Ubiqus IO provides you with a streamlined language offer — that includes all the languages you need most!

In principle, English will be the most frequent source language, followed closely by French and Spanish.

So, from these into other European languages such as Dutch, German and Italian or other in-demand languages such as Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic.

Traditional or Automatic Translation

The first guarantees quality every time, yet the second is starting to become attractive…. for the polyglots out there.

Automatic Translation @ Ubiqus IOFor the time being, Ubiqus IO offers traditional solutions drawing on the know-how and skills of its strong translator network. This enables us to guarantee optimal quality, even for basic translations. All of our translators are carefully selected and tested, and translate only into their mother tongue.

However, Ubiqus IO is also a showcase for Ubiqus Group’s know-how.It is in this capacity that we offer you the chance to test out our automatic translation engine right now.

To find out more about what we define as “intelligence”, click here and read our article on the topic.

Automatic translation was made popular by Google and its engine, Google Translate a tool very general in its scope — and one marred by flaws obvious to everyone – the Google experience made it clear that translation engines need training! They perform well whenever they are able to rely on a database of adequate size; they tend to fall down, however, in areas to which they have had little exposure. It only makes sense!

Ubiqus IO has developed a proprietary translation engine that draws upon a vast and deep-running document base, which:

  • fields ranging from the general, to the medical, legal, financial and beyond.
  • involves language combinations including French, English and Spanish.

Try it out and tell us what you think!

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