Translation, the IO way

Our Ubiqus IO web application gives you the opportunity to have your Word documents translated easily and in a snap. Just a few minutes and your translation will be underway.

Languages available Areas of specialisation
If your original document is in French, English or Spanish,
we can translate it into:

  • English, French and Spanish
  • German, Italian, Dutch,
  • Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese
We translate general or business documents, but also have a large number of translators specialised in the fields of:

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • and Marketing
If your original document is in
German, Italian, Dutch,
Russian, Chinese, Arabic or Japanese,
we can translate it into English or French or Spanish 
We also have linguists qualified to translate in technical fields such as:

  • medical and pharmaceutical
  • scientific and IT (information technology)
  • technical and industrial


Our two levels of paid translation services

Professional Translation

Translation & Proofreading

For basic documents (contracts, product reference sheets, announcements) for common use, without strategic impact For more complex/strategic, highly advanced marketing or technical documents that are intended for publication or as vehicles for your organisation’s image
Available for any WORD document (no PDF, Excel or PowerPoint) Available for any WORD document (no PDF, Excel or PowerPoint)
A single professional translator produces the translation of your document, then subjects the work just carried out to in-depth critical review. Before being delivered to your on-line customer space, your translation is also verified by our internal team, to ensure that both the information and the layout are consistent between the source and target documents. After Professional Translation (see opposite), a second translator , also highly-experienced, reviews the translation in full, suggesting changes and improvements to the first linguist where appropriate. Yet another verification stage follows, as the Quality Department checks the target document for consistency in content and layout.
Your final document will look exactly the same as the initial document. Your final document will look exactly the same as the initial document
A high-level translator can translate approximately 2,000 source words per day. For this two-stage translation process, expect a minimum of 1 working day per 2,000 source words and add 1 working day for 5,000 words to be reviewed.
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What our clients think about our translation services?

And what about automatic translation?

Use our online translator: it’s free

Online Text Translator by Ubiqus IO


For standard, non-reviewed translations (thus to be used FIPO -for information purposes only-, or communicate amongst colleagues or family), Ubiqus IO has chosen to open its instant translation service to all, free of charge, up to 2,500 characters.

These high-quality automatic translations are powered by Intelligence as well as the learning models developed by the teams at Ubiqus Group.

To use our on-line translator, just follow these easy steps.

First, choose the subject area of the text you wish to submit for translation, i.e., the Speciality Area. This will open up access to the translation engine best suited to your request. Then select your language combinations.

Here are the language combinations available by speciality on Ubiqus IO’s free online translator at

Area of specialisation Source language Target language
General French English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German
English French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, German
Dutch English, French, German
Spanish English, French
Italian English, French
French (Canada) English
German English, French, Dutch
Medical English Spanish, French
Spanish English
French English
Patents English French
French English, German
Allemand French
Finance English French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Français English, Dutch, Spanish
Espagnol English
Dutch French, English
Italian English
Legal English French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
French English, Dutch, Spanish
Spanish English
Dutch French, English
Italian English
Technical English French (Canada)

Then copy/paste the text into the dialogue box… Your translation will soon appear.


Direct translation of a Word document

Another free service offered by Ubiqus IO (business users only):

Receive your translated Word document. Sent straight to your e-mail address.

Word Doc Translator by Ubiqus IOThese are translations executed by our automatic translator, without human proofreading. To be used FIPO -for information purposes only-, for documents without implications or between colleagues.

Straight to your email box. In just a few seconds. In exactly the same layout as your original document!

To benefit from this most-impressive service, just fill out the form.

The direct translation of Word document is reserved for professionals.