In today’s digitalised world, more and more search engines or applications are offering to translate documents or web pages for free. The result is rarely on par with what professional translation services can offer.

As Ubiqus Group becomes one the top 20 largest translation companies in the world in 2018, its subsidiary Ubiqus.IO is proud to present its latest on-line translation module, resulting from the work of Ubiqus researchers in Artificial Intelligence.

Translation in companies, a growing need

Companies looking to expand internationally need to have documents translated: communication media, websites and mailing, legal, accounting and administrative documents, etc. The list of documents to be translated is long and varied.

Free translation modules abound on the web, based on traffic, ads and click rates. Most of the time, the translated texts are replete with grammatical errors, misinterpretations and clumsy wording.

For translations that are closer to the target, companies or public bodies do fortunately turn to professionals, sometimes in-house but most often outside their organisation.

A translation agency at the forefront of language technologies, Ubiqus announces its new translation service based on artificial intelligence and neural networks.


Traducteur en Ligne Gratuit de Ubiqus IO

Ubiqus IO: when professional translation combines with Artificial Intelligence

In an era where brands and consumers are constantly in conversation together, companies need swift, effective and on-target multilingual communication to succeed internationally.

Ubiqus Group is a French translation agency offering the best in quality across a range of fields: marketing and communication, law, finance and even the medical sector.

As to, it brings to all Netizens the promise of quality made by Ubiqus Group, which in 2018 took its place amongst the world’s top 20 major translation companies. It does so through innovations based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, each year, looks anew at how to tailor its services even more closely to the needs of Internet users.

Nicolas Konieczny, Head of Development for the site, announced:

We wanted to make Ubiqus IO a benchmark merchant site, but also a technological showcase for our know-how in the fields of AI that line up with our core businesses, Translation and Transcription.

The site has been up and running since the start of 2018 and is already a resounding success.

L'intelligence chez Ubiqus IO


Innovation and translation, ever greater efficiency with Ubiqus IO

Ubiqus Group had always established its local presence with Country sites. For example, France has, the United Kingdom has and the US has

The approach developed by Ubiqus IO is different: is a global site operated by the group’s Irish subsidiary, with the purpose of offering an optimised and unique range of services to all visitors world-wide. is, in that sense, a multi-functional site that offers:

– instant translations that are superior to those of the current competition;
– translation of Word Pro documents on-line and in just a few clicks, at competitive prices;
– transcription of conferences or interviews at a lower cost thanks to revised automated transcription, another innovative service signed Ubiqus.

With, as with its ranking amongst the world’s largest translation companies, the Group’s aspiration is to rise “ever higher”, all the while staying true to its values of listening to and showing the utmost respect for the customer.

Why choose Ubiqus IO?

On the web, .io is the extension dedicated to young technological start-ups. is thus the spearhead for technological innovations and among them:

  • Automatic and instant translation open to all: Ubiqus IO has chosen to make its instant translation services available to anyone, free of charge, up to 2,500 characters. These high-quality automatic translations are based on AI and its learning models, the result of the teamwork carried out by Ubiqus Group researchers.
  • Revised automated transcription: Ubiqus software automatically transcribes your audio file, then an expert corrector steps in to turn the raw document into a flawless final transcript, working with the audio throughout.

The company wishes to emphasise that, as AI is but a tool, documents from neuronal translation or Speech to text transcription will always need the scrutiny of a professional to be perfect.

L'équipe d'Ubiqus IO à votre service

About Ubiqus IO

In 2017, Ubiqus translated several tens of millions of words serving more than 5,000 customers. Ubiqus’ translation agency is certified ISO 9001:2015 and one of the #Top5 language service providers in Western Europe in terms of market impact (Common Sense Advisory report 2017).

Nicolas Konieczny is Head of Development for the Ubiqus IO site and provides Customer Service. After almost 10 years with an American multinational in various management positions of a European scope, he joined the Ubiqus Group in 2005 as Marketing Director.

For 6 years, he was in London, in charge of the sales for Ubiqus’ subsidiary in the United Kingdom. He returned to France in 2017 to launch Ubiqus IO in Europe.

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