What makes Ubiqus On Demand different from other language service companies?

Project quality and client service drive everything we do. We aim to deliver the highest-quality service to our clients by combining proprietary technology, dedicated account executives and the best linguists in the industry.

We achieve this through a series of initiatives that fit our business goals and our philosophy:

  • A Living Wage: We primarily work with linguists living in North America, and we pay them a fair wage. This helps us to attract the best in the business, which guarantees high quality on your projects. It also improves vendor retention to ensure your projects are handled by people who are already familiar with your work.
  • Quality Control: We regularly seek feedback from our clients so we know what we’re doing well… and where we may need to improve. We constantly assess our technologies and processes to keep projects moving in a timely manner, and to achieve the highest possible quality before sending your documents to you.
  • Security and Confidentiality: Hiring freelancers from North America whenever possible is one way to protect your privacy. So is technical compliance. Our servers adhere to security guidelines, and everyone involved in your project is charged with keeping your sensitive information confidential.

I worked with Verbal Ink before it became Ubiqus On Demand. Will I receive the same services and personalized attention Verbal Ink provided?

Absolutely! Ubiqus acquired Verbal Ink in December 2016 but kept the Verbal Ink team on board to ensure their current clients received the same personalized, reliable service they’d come to expect.

The only difference between Verbal Ink and Ubiqus On Demand (other than the name) is the wider range of services available. We still offer transcription and translation services, not to mention an easy-to-use platform for submitting your projects. However, we’re also able to leverage resources from Ubiqus to complete more specialized projects like medical transcripts, website localization, multilingual desktop publishing and subtitles or closed captions.

How do your prices compare to other language service companies?

Our pricing is competitive with other language service companies, but we offer it without sacrificing document quality.

For traditional or automated transcription, you will be billed per audio minute. Translation is calculated on a per word basis. These flat rates keep the process simple and eliminate the need to figure out hours worked, pages typed, etc.

We also offer specialized discounts for educational, religious or nonprofit organizations, as well as volume discounts for large orders.

Our pricing is also transparent. Every time you upload a new file and choose your project preferences, you see exactly what your project will cost.

How often will I be billed?

We can bill you after the completion of each project or keep a running invoice to be paid at the end of each month. You may pay by credit card or check, but we do require a valid credit card on file for all clients.

Can you handle a large project? How about a really large one?

No project is too big (or too small) for our talented team. We’ve handled just about any project you can imagine, so we can handle just about any project you bring to us. If you have a larger project or higher volume, please contact us so we can discuss your needs more.

How long will it take Ubiqus On Demand to complete my project?

For transcripts, we offer standard (3-5 business days), rush (2 business days), next day, and same day service, all of which are priced very reasonably. With our large team of expert transcriptionists, we can typically meet almost any deadline. Automated transcripts can be completed within a few hours, depending on the length of the audio.

Translation project turnaround times depend on the length of the document or recording and the complexity of the language in the document. In general, most translation projects can be completed in five business days. Larger or more technically complex projects may take longer.

How accurate is your work?

For transcription, we guarantee a 98% or higher rate of accuracy with good audio; typically, our accuracy is closer to 99+%. If your recording is in English, we assign it to a resident of either the U.S. or Canada.

For foreign language transcription, we’ll pair your project with a transcriptionist – either in the U.S. or the country where that language is spoken – that can best capture the meaning of what’s being said. By using native speakers, we’re able to guarantee fantastic quality.

For translation, we have a similar approach. Your project goes through a quality control process to ensure that the translation you get back is accurate and conveys the same message in the target language as it does in the source language.

Will Ubiqus On Demand keep my files confidential?

We take great measures to ensure the highest degree of client confidentiality. Signing off on a standard non-disclosure agreement is just the first step we take to ensure your privacy. Ubiqus On Demand has strict confidentiality procedures to guarantee that your information will remain private, including confidentiality agreements, background checks, and other technical safeguards.