High-Quality Transcription at Affordable Rates

Ubiqus On Demand provides high-quality, trusted audio transcription services for thousands of clients worldwide. Whether you work at a top tech company, a small business, an academic institution or a non-profit organization, we customize our services to fit your needs.

Our combination of impeccable accuracy, affordable rates, and reliable customer service make us one of the top leaders in the transcription services industry.

Why Trust Your Transcripts with Ubiqus On Demand?

Audio transcription requires attention to detail, an understanding of the material, and a commitment to protect security and privacy. Ubiqus On Demand delivers all these things by providing the following on each project.

Experienced Transcriptionists

Ubiqus On Demand has some of the most qualified and seasoned transcriptionists in the industry. Our transcriptionists are required to pass a thorough screening process, and we run background checks so we know that the person handling your material is reliable and trustworthy.

Our rigorous hiring process ensures we only work with the best transcriptionists in the industry. In turn, our commitment to paying a living wage attracts the best transcriptionists in the industry.

Security and Confidentiality

Some of the recorded audio we transcribe contains highly sensitive information. We take great steps to keep this information confidential, not just by working with top transcriptionists but by adhering to strict security standards:
• We’ve developed a secure client portal where you can upload audio files and manage all your projects
• We adhere to strict security standards to protect financial and personal information
• We hold our team to strict confidentiality standards, including NDAs.

Personalized Service

Every project is different. Your audio transcription needs may vary from one project to another, and your requirements might not be the same as those of another client.

Ubiqus On Demand personalizes our transcription services to meet your specific needs. We have the capacity to handle large volumes of data, deliver quality transcripts under tight deadlines and provide the support and guidance to make each project run efficiently.

Transparent Transcription Pricing

When you work with Ubiqus On Demand, you always know what your project will cost. Simply upload your file and you’ll see the price for basic transcription and for additional services. By using our platform, you get an estimate of what your project will cost, and you can customize your project to fit your budget.