We Transcribe Over 200 Languages

If you have non-English audio that needs to be transcribed, we have you covered.

Whether it’s an interview in Spanish or a phone call in French, we can transcribe audio in almost any language and can even translate it as well.

Our foreign language transcription service offers all the options you can get from standard transcription: multiple speaker tracking, verbatim transcription, and time stamps or time codes. In addition, our linguists will proofread your document to make sure everything is accurate.

Our transcriptionists work on three different levels of service:
• Transcribing non-English audio into a non-English transcript
• Translating English audio into a non-English transcript
• Translating non-English audio into an English transcript

Our linguists don’t just know the language – they know the specific dialects within the language, from High German and Kyushu Japanese to Caribbean Spanish and Belgian French.

Our foreign language transcription rates are calculated per minute of audio, without any add-on taxes or charges. And the process is as easy as 1-2-3:

• Your project is assigned to one of our friendly account executives.
• The document is transcribed by a fluent speaker of the target language.
• You receive the transcript via email in the form of a Word document.

Need your French or Spanish transcript in a hurry? Consider automated transcription instead.

Popular Languages for Transcription

As the world becomes more connected – and the country becomes more multilingual – the need to communicate in multiple languages becomes increasingly essential. Ubiqus On Demand will transcribe your document into whatever language you choose. Here are some of the most frequently requested languages.

Spanish Transcription

¿Habla español? Millions of Americans do. In fact, the number of Spanish speakers

The U.S has become increasingly bilingual over the years.

  • Nearly 38 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish at home… and work… and school.
  • There are more than 11 million television-viewing Latino households in the U.S.
  • The American market for books written in Spanish is more than $350 million.
  • There are 385 weekly and 37 daily newspapers that target Latino audiences.

Ubiqus On Demand will transcribe your audio so you can reach these markets. We thoroughly vet prospective transcriptionists to ensure they’re fluent not only in the Spanish language in general, but also the dialects you’d find in specific countries like Mexico or Spain.

French Transcription

Parlez-vous francais? More than 200 million people around the world do.

French is the official language of 29 countries – and nearby regions like Montreal – as well as many international organizations. Whether your company deals in fashion or food, pharmaceuticals or factory equipment, there’s likely a French connection.

Ubiqus On Demand can take your audio recording of a conversation or interview in French and produce a French text document, allowing you to skip the arduous process of listening, typing, rewinding, listening, typing, rewinding… you get the idea.

German Transcription

Sprechen sie Deutsch? At Ubiqus On Demand, we do.

Did you know that German is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union? No matter what products or services you offer, there’s probably a connection to a European company working in a country that has more than a few German speakers.

Our German transcriptionists deliver the same high level of quality as our English transcriptionists. They’re also familiar with different German dialects, so their work will be as precise as your audio.

Japanese Transcription

Konnichiwa! A growing number of Americans know what that means.

Did you know that Japanese is currently the sixth most used language on the web? Or that there’s been a more than 10% increase in Japanese language enrollments in colleges and universities? The increase in Japanese fluency means an increased need for Japanese transcription. Ubiqus On Demand can help.

Our Japanese linguists are well-versed in Western, Eastern, or Kyushu dialects. They can handle your transcription needs, whether your recording comes from Japan, Guam, or Taiwan.