Transcribe Sermons and Spread Your Message

Ubiqus On Demand provides high-quality transcription services for sermons that ensure your inspiring words are preserved for posterity.

Religious institutions of all types, from large churches and synagogues to community mosques and temples, trust Ubiqus On Demand to deliver transcripts of their sermons in a timely, cost-effective fashion. We also offer transcription services for hearings and other proceedings happening in your house of worship.

Your institution will receive a special discount of $0.25 per audio minute when you request a human transcriptionist to transcribe audio files of your sermons, hearings, or other proceedings.

Why Hire a Sermon Transcription Service?

There are a lot of good reasons to hire a professional transcription company to produce transcripts of your sermons.

Transcripts make your sermons more accessible

Transcripts make your sermons more accessible to people inside and outside your congregation. For members who may not have been able to attend services, or those who are deaf or hard of hearing, a transcript is a great way to share your insights.

If you send regular emails to your congregation, you can attach the transcript as a Word or PDF file. Or, if you prefer, you can post a link to your website. This is a great benefit for worshippers who may have missed the original sermon, but it can also benefit those who want to refer to your teachings in their own spiritual journeys.

Transcripts of sermons expand your outreach

Sermon transcription can also help you reach those who have never attended your services, particularly if you manage a website or post videos of your sermons.

Search engines rank websites on a number of factors, including how often the content is updated. It can be daunting to come up with new web content all the time, but transcribing your sermons is the easiest way to do this. When you create a new web page containing a transcript of a recent sermon, you keep your site up to date, which helps it rank higher in search engines, which helps it attract new visitors.

Who would these new website visitors be? People searching for guidance on the topics you cover in your sermons. Many web users are looking for advice on how to resolve issues in their lives, and several of them are looking for advice from a spiritual perspective. Your sermon may have the insights they need, and a transcript published online will enable them to find it.

If you publish videos of your sermons, transcription can make them easier to find, too. As many as 92% of video viewers watch with the sound off, so they need text to read as they watch. Subtitles or captions help them follow along, but a transcript gives them something to read, even if they aren’t watching the video.

Sermon transcripts can be repurposed for other uses

Have you ever tried to remember what you said during a previous sermon? You may have kept notes, but they only cover what you planned to say, not what you actually said. Maybe you lost your notes, and you need to recall what you spoke about a month ago, or a year ago. Transcripts serve as a reminder.

Many faith leaders keep transcripts of sermons as a reference tool, either for future sermons or for a book or article they’re writing. Transcripts archive the things you talked about (including unplanned remarks) and can be compiled to create an outline for a book, or a discussion guide for classes.

Your congregants may find these transcripts useful as well. They can read your words to deepen their understanding of your message, or they can use it to start a discussion with their fellow parishioners.