The research market is changing

The market research profession, like ours, is in the throes of change. Not so long ago, individual face-to-face interviews or consumer focus groups to test concepts, products or packaging were still considered the cat’s meow. Qualitative surveys of this kind helped gain consumer insights, check satisfaction levels and hear opinions.

These traditional face-to-face, on-site studies are now often supplemented by on-line studies, when not entirely overtaken by them. Today, customer comments and verbatim feedback gleaned on the social media are also data that need to be mined and analysed.

The customer’s words: worth their weight in gold

Le verbatim Client est d'or

In the end, as we were saying, it’s the customer’s words that are worth their weight in gold. It is therefore essential that they be elicited and preserved. Market research always needs to hear to what the customer has to say. Literally. This means, above all, ensuring that recordings are made, so that none of what has been said can be forgotten, or distorted by bias during the subsequent reporting or analysis.

Recording a discussion remains the surest, easiest way to keep a record of the interviews, focus groups or influencer meetings that required so much preparation and organisation time of you.

However, gold is not so easy to extract

And what should you be doing with that gold, hidden like a nugget in your audio file? Give it to your intern, then lament that after 2 days of work, he has transcribed but one hour of the meeting? A novice can hardly be expected to do a job that would take almost 6 hours for a seasoned transcriber, right?

So what, you ask? If the intern can’t do it, there must be an app for this, right?

Is there an app for this?

Y'a-t-il une app pour ça ?

It is true that interview transcription has entered the digital era. Thanks to the advent of Deep Learning, distinct forms of artificial intelligence, specially trained, are able to recognise the words of different speakers on the same recording. More and more accurately, it might be added. They are then able to produce a transcript of the word, spelled as appropriate to the context.

We do have to keep our heads on straight, however.

It is clear today that artificial intelligence will not be taking over your job tomorrow! It is also clear today that artificial intelligence is not able to be perfect at automatic transcription. It continues (from our perspective as copy-editing pros) to make numerous mistakes.

Whether at the word recognition stage, which depends on the individual’s accent and phrasing. Or in word selection, spelling or even how a verb is conjugated…

So no, for the time being, there is no app for this! Not one that is 100% effective, at least!

The combination of intelligence serving research and opinion agencies

Take it from a transcription professional. It is only by combining man and machine that we are able to offer up a professional, optimal and ready-to-use result, or when it comes to studies, ready-to-analyse.  This is what Ubiqus IO offers with its all-new revised automated transcription offering.

New: Revised automated transcription

Ubiqus IO has innovated and is pleased to put forth a very simple offer: drop a recording on our website, and in just a few hours we will return you an automatic transcript revised by a professional corrector:

  1. Your audio is automatically transcribed using our “in-house” software;
  2. 1.     Listening actively to the audio, the text is corrected in detail of by our corrector.

This is how Ubiqus keeps its promise to you: quality transcription, ready-for-analysis, without your having to listen or edit.

You can focus all your attention on analysing the messages, semantics, etc. in short, what you do best.

Flawless transcripts, starting from €110 per hour of audio

As the first step in processing your audio, automatic transcription will definitely save you time. However, only when the audio is suitable.

Good raw material for an automatic transcript could thus be an interview between two people speaking clearly near the microphone and in a quiet and controlled environment.

In contrast, lively discussion involving more than 4 main participants who constantly interrupt one another or speak at the same time will make for a challenge difficult to overcome.

Confident in the added value of our automatic “in-house” transcription, we offer the service, always accompanied by in-depth review by one of our correctors for only €110 excl. VAT, for any audio you deem to be of sufficient quality.

Try it now!

Devis de transcription instantané & gratuit

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