Building performance auditors, do as many of your colleagues have chosen, and dictate the outline of your audit report rather than typing it up yourself.  We will put it in writing for you, delivering a preliminary report.

Why use Ubiqus IO’s web app to transcribe your digital dictation files?

In a nutshell: to save time.
Get out of drafting audit reports for your clients, by just dictating your findings by voice. We will transcribe them into a preliminary report ready for you.

How can I order a preliminary audit report on Ubiqus IO?

1. Prepare your report

In line with the task entrusted to you by your client, conduct your audit using your own working method.

During finalisation of your audit assessment, you will review all the evidence and documents you have gathered. You will then establish any gaps between the contractual provisions and observations in situ, made during the on-site visit.
You will then have all the information needed to produce the draft text of your audit report.

2. Dictate your audit report

Having clarified your thoughts, just dictate your draft:

  • For optimal results, using a digital recorder
    or if no other option is available, on your mobile phone.

Read our 7 tips to a successful recording.

During your dictation, speak normally without specifying punctuation (our software transcribes everything it hears). You can indicate paragraph headings

3. Upload your recording

For Ubiqus IO to start its process, it must have a digital recording of the dictated notes. This recording must be in a standard audio file format: WMA, MP3, M4A, etc.
If this is not the case, make sure to convert it to MP3 beforehand.

4. Order your transcript of the recording on Ubiqus IO

To order a transcript of your audio notes, follow these simple steps. A video has been produced to guide you along your way.

Use our web app:

Order an audit report

Upload your audio file (preferably in MP3 format).

In the selector, leave the number of speakers in the audio at 1 by default,

Select the “Technical” terminology level,

And choose the type of transcript in line with your recording quality:


  • Excellent sound quality: If you have followed all our tips and your sound quality is optimal, choose our Revised Automated Transcription.
    It will implement our voice recognition software in the first run. A professional corrector will then review the raw document produced by the machine and return you a top-quality transcript. If your audio quality is inadequate, we will contact you to suggest that you move to a higher service level and opt for expert transcription.
  • Doubts about your audio quality? If you are unsure about the sound quality of your recording, opt for Expert Transcription, performed from end to end by a transcription professional, significantly more experienced than a corrector.

How long before you receive the preliminary report?

When you receive your estimate via our web app, it will show the estimated delivery date automatically.
For less than one hour of recording, the delivery time is approximately 2-3 working days.

Your preliminary report from Ubiqus IO

The document you receive will be a transcript of what you said on the audio.

Exemple Retranscription Ubiqus IO

We will highlight any points you have called to our attention, such as adding an appendix or an address for example.  Your transcript will be delivered as a Word file ( view the template here) which you can correct, copy/paste or revise at leisure.
Because let’s be clear about this: Ubiqus IO offers to transcribe your recording with a minimum layout.

We do not offer ready-to-use audit reports. Thus, while we can save you a certain amount of time, you will eventually have to put in a bit of your own… And this includes formatting.

Convinced? Order your preliminary audit report now!

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