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Transcription Services


What audio file types do you accept? Before placing your order, you will be asked to upload the files to be transcribed in the instant quote. It will check to make sure your file extension is found on the list of those accepted: mp3, mp4, wav, aac.

We regret that we don’t accept videos (mp4) for the time being.

May I send an audio in a physical format (CD, recording device, etc.)? We regret that we can neither accept nor return any physical media sent to us (cassette tape, SD card, digital recording device, CD, DVD, etc.).
What different types of transcription are available? Ubiqus IO transcription range is explained on this page.
In what languages are transcription services available? Our transcription service is available in English and French.
Do you have any advice as to the quality of the audio to be provided? Please read this article.
In a verbatim transcript, what does “inaudible” mean? “Inaudible” is the indication found in your transcripts when, despite their best efforts, our transcription workers are unable to decipher the spoken word.
What is the difference between expert transcription and automatic revised transcription? Please read this article.


Translation Services


Which document formats does the platform accept? Before placing your order, you will be asked to upload the files to be translated in the instant quote tool. It will check that your file extension is on the list of those accepted: at its start, Ubiqus IO accepts all text files (txt, doc, docx).

We regret than we don’t accept PDF or Excel/Powerpoint files for the time being.

May I send in documents in a physical format (CD, USB key, etc.)? We regret that, we can neither accept nor return any physical media sent to us (cassette tape, SD card, digital recording device, CD, DVD, etc.).
Which source and target languages does Ubiqus IO offer? Ubiqus IO can translate documents in French, English or Spanish into some ten other languages, i.e. the most frequently-requested languages in France, the UK and Spain. Likewise, documents in those ten languages can be translated into French, English or Spanish.

Please see available languages here.

How is the number of words calculated? Can it differ from that indicated by Microsoft? To facilitate word counting, we use several types of algorithms, depending on the type of file uploaded and the language. Most of the time, the result of our word count matches — or is very close (less than 5% difference) — to that of Word. Should we find out a larger discrepancy, we will contact you


Turnaround time


How is the turnaround time calculated? The turnaround time varies depending on the data you enter into the automatic calculation tool when placing your order. It is an estimated turnaround time.
When will I receive my final document? Before confirming your order, the instant quote tool will display the estimated delivery date for your document. You can also find this estimated delivery date in the order confirmation email you received.
My document is late — what can I do? Ubiqus IO shows an estimated delivery date in the automatic invoice and confirmation e-mail.
Document delivery always takes place at the end of the business day (19h).
This is an estimated date, which we of course make every effort to meet. However, should we be unable to honour the initially-forecast deadline, we will make every effort to keep you informed and ensure your document is delivered as quickly as possible.


Order placement


I would like to ask a question before ordering. Who can help me? Our customer service is available by chat (the pink bar at the bottom right), on the phone (English speaking) +33 144 14 15 10 and by email: from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (London) on working days.

Should you get no immediate answer, the most effective solution  is to write an email to with your contact details and how we can help you. We will respond as soon as possible.

Ubiqus IO is reserved for professionals only — can I order anyway, even as a private individual? Ubiqus IO is an online service strictly reserved for businesses. We regret that this service cannot be provided to individual clients. In line with our general terms and conditions, we reserve the right not to honour an order placed by an individual customer. Our general terms and conditions can be viewed at the time of order placement and in your online client account.
Where can I find my intra-Community VAT number? Your Accounting Department has it.
What is the process for placing an order? Placing an order is very simple on Ubiqus IO.
We have to pages to walk you thought the process
—  Click here for tips to order a translation.
—  Click here for tips to order a transcription.
Starting from our homepage, access the instant quote tool and click on the tab for the service you wish to request (transcription or translation).
Upload your file to be transcribed or translated, then select your options.
The instant quote determines a price in line with your request and an estimated date of delivery.
Once you have confirmed your shopping basket, you will be asked to accept our general terms and conditions of sale, enter your contact data (needed to draw up your invoice and determine the VAT rate), and fill in your payment information.
Once each of these steps has been completed, your order will not be confirmed unless you click on “confirm” on the final screen.


Payment, Security


Are your quoted prices pre-tax or are they inclusive of tax? Our quoted prices are pre-tax.

For companies in the UK and in the EU, VAT will not be payable, since Ubiqus IO is an Irish registered company. 23% VAT (Irish VAT) will be added to orders from public bodies, NGO and Education services.

For countries outside the EU and where VAT is payable, it will be added once your company and country data have been entered.

Is payment secured on your site? Yes, of course. We invite you to read an article about security here. Your bank details are not requested until your order has been confirmed and our general terms and conditions have sale have been accepted.
To guarantee transaction security, we use a trusted third-party, Braintree, which is PayPal’s credit card payment solution.
Ubiqus thus does not have direct access to your information and does not store it.
Are my personal data safe with you? Yes, of course. We have bookmarked an article about it here and our policy here.


Claims, order modification


I placed an order, but made a mistake on the instant quote tool, and paid too much. Can I be reimbursed? Send us the relevant information and we will check your order as soon as possible. Should the error be confirmed, you will be reimbursed as quickly as possible. Please email
I have changed my mind: can I cancel my order? No, the cooling-off periods provided for under Irish and European law do not apply to goods requested according to your specifications or personalised for you , in this case bespoke transcription and translation.
Irish reference (EU rule):
What happens if I am not satisfied? According to our general terms and conditions, available at the time of payment or in your online client account, in the event of dissatisfaction, you may inform us within 7 calendar days, duly substantiating your reasons (preferably attaching a file which highlights your dissatisfaction by using track changes ). Upon receipt, we will review your request and offer a remedy within an acceptable time frame.
Claims that are too vague or unwarranted, or that arrive after the period of 7 calendar days, will not be given consideration.


Client account


How do I open a client account? There are two options:
1.  Your client account is opened automatically upon confirmation and payment of your first order. You will then be asked to fill out a form with your contact details, billing address and information about your company. The e-mail address you provide will be your login and your password will be the one you have entered.
2.  Without ordering, just click on “Create an account” in the top right corner.
What is my login for accessing my Client account? Your login is the e-mail address you entered upon confirming your first order.
I have forgotten my password: what should I do? Your password is the one you entered when creating your Client acount. Our Client Support team does not have access to your password and thus cannot be of assistance to you in this case.
Should you forget your password, please click on the reset password link, found on the online Client Account Login Page.
I would like to close my client account: how should I proceed? If all payments connected with your account have been received, you can close your account just by sending a written request to the Client Support team (e-mail
My Client Account is unavailable — what can I do? If you are unable to log in to your Client Account, first check to make sure you are using the right login details. Then, try again at regular intervals.
It could also be that your access to your account has been restricted for security reasons.
Should the problem persist, contact Client Support:


Ubiqus Group and Ubiqus IO


What is Ubiqus IO? Can I trust it? Ubiqus IO is Ubiqus Group’s merchant site.
Ubiqus Group was founded in 1991 and operates in 8 countries. For more information about Ubiqus Group, please click here.
What is the link between and the other country websites: or for instance? There is no direct link.
Ubiqus IO enables clients to place orders for streamlined services online. This means that translation is offered only for Word documents, and in our most popular language combinations.
As to the transcription services, they have been streamlined to 3 levels of coverage: transcription, report and summary.
If you do not find the type of service you need on Ubiqus IO, our colleagues at will be happy to help.
I am already a Ubiqus client: can I use my client account? No, Ubiqus IO is Ubiqus Group’s online sales platform. The platform is hosted in Ireland, but does not share Ubiqus client data in Ireland, France, Belgium, UK or any other country.
What does the IO in mean? Originally, in the AIA’s classification, .IO referred to the “Indian Ocean”; however, in IT, it has taken on another meaning. In that environment, the abbreviation “io” is also used to refer to “input/Output”: In other words, the communication between a computer and the outside world. The extension .IO is thus intended as an expression of our passion for the Web and new technologies, such as the automatic transcription and translation that will gradually be enhancing our offer.

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