Legal translation,
the Ubiqus IO way

Ubiqus IO is THE new way to translate all types of documents, securely and quickly.

With Ubiqus IO, everything is clear and transparent right from the start: watch our video to see all the details.

Translation service levels

Ubiqus IO offers quality legal translation at a competitive price and allows you to choose the level of service that suits you best.

Revised machine translation

Available soon

Legal translation

From €0.10 / Word

Translation with proofreading

From €0.15 / WORD

Note: Translation without proofreading is ideal for the majority of common legal documents (contracts, judgments, statutes, calls for tender, official reports, etc.).
Translation with proofreading is recommended for all strategic, high-risk documents.

Ubiqus IO translations are not certified.

Legal translation,the Ubiqus IO way


At Ubiqus IO, we only use professional translators, not merely native speakers. These pros have been tested, checked and have the ability to work in pairs (for proofreading).


In addition to the translator, the entire Project team must know and know the subject matter of the document in order to select the most qualified translators.


The challenge of legal translation is "adapting to local legal context". This requires a broad range of legal knowledge.


Ubiqus IO draws on its terminological expertise in providing its services and can create a knowledge base adapted to each client.

What our customers say

Fully online agency

Ubiqus IO is a modern, fully automated site that allows you to get an online quote immediately.

Online payment

Flexibility is a priority at Ubiqus IO: no waiting for an estimate and instant payment by credit card.


At Ubiqus IO, no call back by a sales representative or quote in 24 hours: with us, everything happens online. Instantly.


We are “online” but our data is not in the “cloud”. Our servers are hosted by the Ubiqus Group (our parent company) & our methods are proven.

A range of languages

Ubiqus IO translates into the most frequently requested languages in France. English, of course; Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch, in terms of European languages; as well as Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Russian to cover the rest of the world.

Transparent prices

Ubiqus IO calculates the price of your online service based on your Word or text document. Prices vary according to the number of words, the language combination and the area of specialisation chosen.

Instant quote

If you have the Word of your document, drag it into the quote request area. If it is not finished yet, calculate the estimate by adjusting the number of words (just below the add files button).

On-time delivery

At the time of ordering, our system visually informs you of the time of delivery. Confirmed by e-mail.
If it doesn’t suit, contact us!

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