Are you organising a conference? Whatever the planned theme and duration chosen, you know that you have a tremendous amount of work ahead of you. Preparing, organising, inviting. All of this takes time and energy… Sometimes for a limited audience or, in contrast, as we definitely wish for you, in a rousing success, albeit often short-lived.

What does it matter! The growing popularity of sites such as YouTube or podcasts can help you give your conferences a second life by bringing them to more and more people every day.

However, unfortunately, everyone has had the same (good) idea.

So how can you stand out from the crowd, without spending hours or massive amounts of money on it? The answer is quite simple: transcribe your contentAnd publish it!

Record the conference

Whatever the form of your conference, always remember to record it. That is the minimum!

However, do it as professionally as possible! Poor-quality video or recordings, if posted on-line, can hurt your image or reduce your impact on your future audience.

Conférence en ligne : enregistrez laRecord the audio

To record a basic audio file, use a high-quality microphone and a recorder, and above all read our 7 tips to a successful recording (with the equipment we recommend).

Make a video

Conférence en ligne : faites une vidéo

Making a video recording can be more expensive. We always advise that you make a dual recording: shoot the visuals with a video recording and the capture the sound using a recorder (see previous point).

To keep costs down, opt for a static floor standing camera with ambient sound recording (in “back up” mode).

Post the conference or podcast on-line

Before posting your video, on YouTube for example, you will need to proceed with basic sound/video editing of your recording (to synchronise the visual track and independent sound recording). Basic video editing software such as Movavi (for a fee, but extremely handy) will enable you to resynchronise your video and sound.

For a sound recording, post the sound file on a replay site.
Be aware that there also exist services such as that of our friends at Sondekla. They use a small revolutionary box to broadcast your content live at the time of the conference and then make it available to Internet users in replay.

Add the conference transcript or podcast

You will only be able to put your successful intervention on-line if you add its transcript.

Why? Because everyone had the same bright idea as you did and we need to find ways stand out from the crowd. And you’ll agree, if you want to get more exposure, your content will need to appear in Google’s search results.

Without endeavouring to give a course in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, the theory of on-line referencing), videos and sound recordings have but a few ways of being indexed. At this point, Google cannot read a video or listen to a recording. Google is a robot that only reads text and digests it. Unless you have text associated with an audio or video of your conference, you stand no chance.

Your wealth lies in your words.

Which brings us to the most important point in this article: whether your conference was scripted from A to Z, or whether you adopted the “free style” and rode the wings of your natural ease in front of audiences, your wealth lies in your words. So don’t look any further.

Recycle your speech and post it under your video or audio player on your website.

La retranscription pour booster votre SEO

Why? This is where we go into SEO, the set of rules that make a web page well-indexed by Google. By inserting the full transcript of your conference, you offer Google relevant, unique and, we have no doubt about it, well written content. Google just loves pages with more than 800 words, and 3,000 words are what it considers to be quality content. More importantly, while scanning your page, Google tries to define its content, so you need to define key words to help it.

The keywords will be the cornerstones of your conference: those which you will have repeated throughout the presentation. Once transcribed, they will help Google pull up your website on the results page when a Netizen enters it into the search bar.

How can you receive an accurate transcript of your conference?

Nothing could be simpler: just recycle your script (if you have one) or have us transcribe your video or audio.

On Ubiqus IO, you will do a small part of the job: provide us with the audio sound file (easy) or your Youtube video (easy if you have recorded it, otherwise use this tool to extract it). Then, pay on-line. So, to thank you for your efforts, our prices are soft on the pocketbook.

Transcription automatique révisée par Ubiqus IOThus, if the sound recording is of good quality (see first step), we will then be able to proceed with a Revised Automated Transcription of your audio. This means using our proprietary tool, Ubiqus Conversum (voice recognition software, combined with transcription software), which will produce a basic transcript of what has been said. The latter will then be “revised” by one of our correctors, before providing you with a faithful transcript of your conference.

For a TED-type conference lasting around fifteen minutes, you will pay only €23 excl. VAT.

Infinitely more cost-effective than spending between 1 and 1 and a half hours to transcribe it yourself.

So, are you ready to enrich your video or audio with a transcript of its content?

Request your  online quote now.



Photo credits: Simon / Pixabay

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