Ubiqus IO is Ubiqus Group’s first direct-sales site.  It is a global and borderless website. Upon launch, it offers a range of standard services, selected from those most frequently chosen by the Group’s clients:

Ultimately, Ubiqus IO will be enhanced with new computer-assisted translation and automatic transcription technologies.

Who is Ubiqus Group, the creator of Ubiqus IO?

Ubiqus IO IO is backed by Ubiqus GroupUbiqus IO is backed by Ubiqus Group, the 4th-largest translation agency in Europe

Ubiqus Group is a major international player in the translation market. Ubiqus Group was recently ranked Number 1 in France, Number 4 in Europe and Number 21 globally, in language service provision.
Boasting a dozen subsidiaries in seven countries, Ubiqus Group employs nearly 500 people and generates around €70 million in revenue. Ubiqus Group has made a name for itself both in the translation of written documents and in audio file transcription.

Ubiqus IO, Ubiqus Group’s first direct-sales site

Ubiqus IO is the latest addition to the Ubiqus Group’s family.

Since the very start, the Group strengthened its local presence with individual Country sites. France, for instance, has Ubiqus.fr, the UK Ubiqus.co.uk and the USA a .com site.  The services found there, while similar, are often different, as they are based on the local market and the subsidiary’s history.
The approach taken by Ubiqus IO is different. Ubiqus IO is a global site, run by our Irish subsidiary, designed to offer an optimised and unique service to our worldwide visitors.

This new service will be tested first on the French market, the brand’s historical anchoring point and an arena in which it has become highly renowned.

.IO, the start-up extension?

Ubiqus IO with .io the start-up extensionOriginally, in the AIA’s classification, .IO referred to the “Indian Ocean”.

However, in IT, it has taken on another meaning. In this environment, the abbreviation “io” is also used to refer to “Input/Output”. In other words, the communication between a computer and the outside world.
The extension .IO is thus intended as an expression of our passion for the Web and new technologies, such as the automatic transcription and translation that will gradually be enhancing our service offering.
See our article on how our service is supported by artificial intelligence.

Ubiqus IO: born of Ubiqus Group’s experience

A tailored, proven range of services

For its launch in France, the range of services on offer has been streamlined and tailored to on-the-go Internet-users looking for a standard offering. Ubiqus IO offers THE selection you need, whether in transcription or translation.

Ubiqus IO is thus intended as a complement to the Country sites. A customer looking for a more personalised service, for instanceon-site presence) will still be able to find them, as always, with the Group’s sales associates, via ubiqus.co.uk in the UK., for instance.

Ubiqus IO and Ubiqus.co.uk: different platforms, same high Quality

All the while preparing to usher in innovative technological solutions enabling automated and faster request processing, Ubiqus IO continues to draw on the same network of experts (linguists and writers) as the rest of the Group. With its 100 in-house writers and a pool of freelance writers carefully built up over the years, Ubiqus can draw on a unique reservoir of expertise.

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