Protecting your payment information

The winning team: Ubiqus IO, PayPal and Braintree

Ubiqus IO places great importance on the security of your bank details and on data protection.  It is for this reason that Ubiqus IO has chosen Braintree, A PayPal Service, to secure its banking transactions.
Braintree has been owned by PayPal since 2013, and you probably already use it in your everyday life when you pay for a Uber journey, or rent accomodation on Airbnb.

For Ubiqus IO, Braintree was the obvious choice as trusted third party for validating your payment.

To ensure your payments remain secure, your bank details do not transit via Ubiqus’ servers and are therefore not stored on our system.

Even though many Internet users are reluctant to pay for purchases online with their bank card, it is important to understand that the Braintree system uses an encrypted system, making it ultra-secure. That is why we chose it. It offers every guarantee!

Your files and documents remain confidential

Based on Ubiqus Group’s experience

We won’t deny that Ubiqus IO is a young website. Yet it can draw upon the nearly 30 years of experience built up by ubiqus Group in handling customers’ confidential data. Confidentiality has always been central to our practices and the training of our employees. Every Group employee signs a confidentiality agreement, as do our partner linguists and writers. All receive regular awareness-raising information about new threats, such as ransomware.

Ubiqus IO can furthermore rely on a proven IT infrastructure to guarantee that your data remain safe and confidential.
While not formally certified, the Group as a whole is in compliance with the ISO 27001 standard, which pertains to information security management systems (ISMS). Built according to the principles of risk management, an ISMS encompasses individuals, processes and IT systems.
Consequently, once your files have been uploaded to our website, they are stored on our secure servers. They will be accessible only to those working on your project.

As a rule, Ubiqus stores customer data for a minimum of 6 months. However, we can extend or shorten that period, upon client request.

Protecting your personal information

A policy has been drawn up specially for this purpose.

Ubiqus IO has developed a chpolicy to inform you of how your personal information are used.
Our policy in managing your personal information can be found here.

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