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With Ubiqus IO, you enjoy all the benefits of a modern merchant site

…specially created to respond to the most frequent requests for document translation and audio transcription.

Its intuitive ergonomics make it possible for users to upload their source files, choose their options and receive their instant quote.
It also provides an estimated delivery date. All in a clear and transparent manner.
Correct your request as needed — the price and deadline will be updated instantaneously. Simple.

As soon as the price is right, users may place their order. Payment is of course secure (see page on security here).
And on the specified date, the document is ready and waiting in the online client account. That’s all there is to it.
Should we order again?

Ubiqus IO: as always, service is included.

Ubiqus IO is backed by Ubiqus Group, the 4th-largest translation agency in Europe.

This means that Ubiqus IO may be a youngster in terms of the Web, but it was born to a proud lineage!  Ubiqus Group, , parent company to Ubiqus IO, is a B2B company ranked the Number 4 provider of language services in Europe in 2016; Number 1 in France, and Number 21 worldwide*.
You can find out more about the Group in this article.

Ubiqus IO offers its online clients all the security and reliability for which Group is known, combined with the flexibility and instantaneousness that only the Web can provide.
The dynamic calculation tools used ensure that clients always have all the facts they need to make their decision.

Should you have any questions, we can be contacted by chat, e-mail or your online client account – the choice is yours.

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* Common Sense Advisory 2017 ratings