What is transcription?

A transcription will capture everything that is said in the way it is said. Our writers simply fix basic grammatical errors, remove duplicate contents and also stutters and hesitations. We retain everything else.  See example below:

E.g. What is said E.g. What is transcribed
Hello. Yes, hi. So to get started, I wanted to…err…the purpose of this interview is…err…the purpose is to talk about your career as a marketing manager in the company. I’m going to ask you questions… a lot of questions, and I’d like you to answer them frank…err frankly. Hello. So to get started, the purpose of this interview is to talk about your career as a marketing manager in the company. I’m going to ask you a lot of questions, and I’d like you to answer them frankly.

Transcription: our two levels of service

Ubiqus IO (member of the Ubiqus Group) has been innovating and offering you an efficient solution at an affordable price since the summer of 2018: automatic transcription, using a software developed in-house and revised by one of our expert editors.

Revised Automatic Transcription

Expert Transcription

Usable on quality recordings and without background noise.
Not usable on conf calls, discussions recorded on a mobile phone, etc.
Caution: Ubiqus reserves the right to decline/offer an alternative to the Revised Automatic Transcription if the quality of the audio file is too low.
Usable on all recordings.
This includes phone calls, meetings, interviews without individual microphones, etc.
Our voice recognition software automatically transcribes the recording if it meets the above conditions.

An editor takes up the machine output by listening to the audio to correct any mistake, punctuation issue, errors on proper names or technical or unusual terms.

A professional transcriber listens to the audio and transcribes it in real time.

The experienced transcriber will work accurately and will often be able to detect more nuances than the software. They will be able to identify proper names and acronyms. The number of misheards and inaudibles will be reduced.

The final document will be of excellent quality. The final document will be a perfect transcription of optimal quality, with a minimum number of inaudible sections.
This solution is partly automated. It saves time. You benefit from a significant reduction of the estimate. This solution is completely manual. A professional transcriber will take between 5 and 7 hours to transcribe 1 hour of audio.
If the audio is not compatible with our speech to text software, Ubiqus IO reserves the right not to provide this service and to offer an alternative to the customer or to cancel the order. Expert transcription is normally compatible with any type of audio quality.
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What our clients think about our transcription services?

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The final format of your transcription

At Ubiqus IO, your transcript will always be in the same format. Whether it was obtained by automatic transcription revised by an editor or manual transcription.

Indeed, our objective is to provide you with an editable document, you can use straight away.  So our format is almost universal: a Word document using a simple font (Times New Roman) and without frills..

Our standard model is shown opposite.

Each page is composed of a header (our logo, your customer reference, your name, the type of document), the content of your transcript and a page number. It is approximately 400 words long.

Only the first page is different and shows the title of your document (the name of the audio file).

Note:  our example is the transcript of the interview with an analyst.

Transcription Sampleby Ubiqus.io

The types of audio files we deal with

Ubiqus IO is a modern e-commerce site specially created to process 100% online any audio file transcription requests:

  • your digital dictations or audio comments (mails, audit reports and voice observations)
  • one-on-one meetings or interviews
  • audio from meetings that you have recorded
  • conferences
  • e-learning courses 

in any format: mp3, aac, m4a, wav, etc.

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