Ubiqus stays atop the translation agency rankings

As an introduction, let us recall that, each year, CSA Research conducts a study on translation agencies, including Ubiqus, and releases an international ranking on that basis.

Secondly, and without further ado, it should be noted that the 2018 Global Translation Agency Ranking did not contain any major shake-ups for Ubiqus.

Once again, Ubiqus Group came in 21st world-wide.

As a reminder, in 2014, the Group came in 37th in the same ranking. In other words, in just 4 years’ time, it leaped ahead by 16 spots!

A phenomenal breakthrough indeed.

Continuous growth internally and externally

Firstly, Ubiqus Group remained one of the leaders in Europe, ranking 4th in Western Europe. We have the trust of our (loyal) customers to thank for this. So much so that the Group’s turnover, earned in 8 countries, continued to grow in 2018.

It can also be emphasised that the Group continues to deploy its expansion strategy, acquiring other translation companies on a rapidly-concentrating global market.

Yet again in 2018, it proceeded with the acquisition of two new translation companies.

It started out by extending its reach to Canada, with the acquisition of translation company Textualis.

This operation was soon followed by the integration of technical translation company GEDEV into Ubiqus Group.  GEDEV is a recognised French player on the translation market, specialising in the defence and aeronautics sectors.

Artificial Intelligence at the heart of our growth strategy

Ubiqus’ ambitions have not changed: to continue to climb ever higher, yet never losing sight of our professional ethics, which demand quality and customer focus.

To improve our services, we need to offer our customers more, at a lower price, and at higher quality standards. This is why such significant investments have been made in artificial intelligence technologies, applied to our two core businesses: transcription and translation.

Most significantly, our R&D team has become the main contributor to an international Open NMT (Neural Machine Translation) project.

The Group’s new offerings are already on Ubiqus IO

First, let’s take a look at the new service offering for transcribing audio into text: the Revised Automatic Transcription.
This entry-level innovation allows our customers to benefit from our twin areas of expertise:

  • Technological: using automatic transcription, we are able to quickly turn high-quality audio into a rough document;
  • and professional: one of our seasoned proof-readers takes over and produces a fully-revised document from the rough product.

The aim is always the same: to provide our customers with a flawless document of superior quality that can be used immediately.

To find out more & estimate your costs:

Transcription Quote


Secondly, Ubiqus IO now offers automatic translation with a specialised engine (in finance, legal, medical, etc.). While Google Translate offers (without much confidentiality) a general translation of good quality, Ubiqus IO specialises and offers finer translation tools, which will translate technical and cutting-edge documents more appropriately.

To wit, on Ubiqus IO, it will only cost you 2 cents per word to have your Word document translated using one of our specialised AND automatic translation engines.

To find out more & estimate your costs:

Translation Quote

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