Only a few months after its launch, the site is already getting a makeover (take a look at Why so fast?

For three reasons: increased user-friendliness, global reach and in order to expand our offer.Ubiqus IO has a new look

A new site that is more user-friendly

Since its launch in early 2018, the site has offered a dual service on a single site: MP3 file transcription and translation of Word documents.

Pink for transcription. Blue for translation.

« To make this distinction even more obvious, we have opted for a new colour code: pink and blue. Pink for transcription services and blue for translation services. Although already present on our site at the start of the project, we have chosen to accentuate the presence of these two colours to make this dual service more apparent to visitors », explains Nicolas Konieczny, Head of the website for the Ubiqus Group.

Ubiqus IO now appears as a two-tone, 2-in-1 web application where the professional Internet user can quickly have their Word file transcribed or translated in a process which is fully online, available 24/7 and which offers complete autonomy.

A new site to conquer new markets

Ubiqus IO in the UK

The new packaging is also intended to further enhance the launch of Ubiqus IO in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Since the beginning, has been a bilingual, French-English site allowing the translation of English Word documents into nearly 10 different languages. However, the transcription service was only available online for recordings in French.

With this update, the site is expanding its offer and now offers our English-speaking users the opportunity to have audio recordings transcribed in English. This service is, of course, also available for French-speaking customers. The choice of the default transcription language is now determined by the language of the browser. Customers are thus advised to check (by clicking on the “Options” button on the request for quotation form) to check the expected language of transcription.

Ubiqus IO et l'Irlande

With the launch of this English transcription service, Ubiqus IO is returning to its roots since the company is from Ireland, as are most of our English-language transcribers.


A new site to expand the service offer

As mentioned above, with its new two-tone look, Ubiqus IO is intended to mark the launch of its English-language transcription service. So much for the “pink” side of things.

But the “blue” side of the site has not been neglected since this new version also offers a more prominent place to and a clearer presentation of Ubiqus Group’s “online translator“.

Online Text Translator by Ubiqus IO


Indeed, at, Ubiqus IO’s BtoB existing clients and prospects will find a state-of-the-art automatic translator, developed by the Ubiqus Group’s NMT (Neuronal Machine Translation) R&D department.

This free online translator is very effective across a few specialities like finance, legal or technology, but is not intended to compete with online translation giants like Google or Bing in terms of the number of languages it translates. This automatic translator is focussed on providing quality translation in a limited number of languages (6 source languages, with some 20 possible combinations) and in those niche areas where the Ubiqus Group excels.

Word Doc Translator by Ubiqus IO

Another new feature of this version of Ubiqus IO is that it is now possible for the professional user to automatically translate a 5,000-word Word document while retaining the initial format. Simply request a key (a token) and enter an e-mail address that will allow the translated document to be sent directly to you in a few seconds. This is a foretaste of what the Ubiqus Group could implement at company level, for example, by automating the translation service for Word documents by e-mail exchange.



Thus, with its new, contemporary, two-tone look is standing by to help all professional users to transcribe their French- and English-language audio recordings. In addition, the site continues to offer both free and paid Word document translation services that herald the future of translation for international companies in the age of artificial intelligence.

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